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Vijayachandra Building Products (P) Ltd. ( since 1970 )

The pioneers in manufacturing interlock/ hollow brick/ pavers is a Kalady based organisation.In Kerala, it is known for its prestigious products Stabil interlocking concrete blocks and pavers.

It is the leading supplier of these products for the mainstream builders like DLF, Sobha Developers, Asset Homes, Skyline Builders, Meridian Homes etc. Stamped with excellent quality, Vijayachandra’s products stay strong and beautiful for a long time. That’s why it has been acclaimed with the tag of “Most trusted and Reliable partner” for constructing commercial and residential projects.

Stabil blocks and pavers are manufactured with highly reputed Versatile Columbia Machine Inc. USA. These blocks and pavers assure faster construction, superior strength and durability. These products’ excellent compaction and unmatched dimensional accuracy make them popular for saving mortar. Stabil blocks and pavers prevent leaks and breaks and are available at competitive prices.

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Superior Batching Control
  • Fully Automatic Weigh Batching Plant controlled by programmable logic controller for automatic weigh batching of aggregates, cement and automatic batching of water.
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Uniform Material Distribution
  • High Speed Rotating Pan Mixer helps in even and homogenous mixing of semi-dry concrete.
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The Versatile Columbia SM20
  • Vertical vibration of mould gives uniform concentration throughout the height of the product.
  • PLC-controlled automatic filling, vibrating and compacting results in uniformity within blocks and between blocks.
  • Electro mechanic vibration and hydraulic compression assisted by pneumatic pressure for better strengt and compaction.
  • Electronic height stops to ensure dimensional accuracy.
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Fully Automatic Handling
  • The Blocks are made on steel production pallets with the products are handled with off bearer and forklift to avoid manual handling till its initial strength is acheived.
  • Made on high volume steel production pallets.
  • Uses off bearer/forklift to avoid manual handling.
  • Careful loading, stacking, transporting and unloading.
Curing Chamber
  • Humidifiers are employed to accelerate initial curing process. After production the Blocks are shifted to mist curing chambers for proper curing.

STABIL blocks and pavers are products from Vijayachandra Building Products Group who has been in the forefront of construction and manufacturing of building materials since 1970. The compoany, a leading supplier for several large, mid-level and small projects in Kerala, is active in both commercial and residential construction marketplace and has been acclaimed with the tag of 'Most Trusted and Reliable Partner' by its clients.